Tuesday, June 14, 2005


Roberto Jefferson speaks before the Comission of Ethics

Tuesday, June 14th, Brasilia stopped to listen to Roberto Jefferson, who spoke before the Comission of Ethics of the Deputies Chamber. This Comission is composed only by Deputies, who judge the conduct of Deputies who may have acted unethically; this Comission is a step towards lost of mandate. The Comission of Ethics does not preclude the work of a Probing Comission.

Jefferson repeated all the declarations he had given to the press a few days before. He declared that Delubio Soares, cashier of the Worker´s Party, was paying cash to leaders of some Parties (namely, PP and PL) to obtain political support. Even under extrem pressure, Jefferson didn´t flinch. He mentioned the names of politicians who he is certain to have received money, like Valdemar Costa Neto (President of Liberal Party) and Pedro Correia (leader of the Popular Party).
Jefferson repeated that a few important Ministers had been already communicated about the ilegal situation; among them, Finance Minister Palocci and Chief of Staff José Dirceu. Jefferson tried to make it clear, though, that President Lula was not aware of the situation, and, as soon as he learned about it, the payments stopped.

Jefferson came up with new charges: he said that the Worker´s Party agreed, in exchange for political support, with paying R$ 20 million to PTB (Jefferson´s Party); however, only R$ 4 millions were actually paid. Jefferson said that he and Genoino, President of PT, agreed in not declaring that money transfer to the Electoral Justice, as prescribed by the law.
Jefferson admitted so to being a criminal, but he also involved PT and Genoíno. Jefferson said he doesn´t want to defend himself or his mandate; all he wants is to protect his Party, PTB, from a conspiration which, according to him, was setup by the Government and the Press.

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