Wednesday, June 01, 2005


Popularity of the government falls

Sensus Institute released a survey yesterday showing that the popularity of the Government and the popularity of the President fell in May, for the third month in a row.
These surveys are interesting because Sensus performs interviews periodically, even when there are no elections coming; other institutions condut surveys, but only in electoral times or when there is a major political event.

Results of the Sensus survey:
President Lula had approval of 65.4% in December, 66.1% in February, 60.1% in April, 57.4% in May.
The Government had approval of 44.5% in December, 42.6% in February, 41.9% in April, 39.8% in May.
Survey showed also that, if elections were held today, President Lula would be re-elected.
It is interesting to see that the approval of the President has been way above the approval of his government; the difference used to be smaller in 2003, right after Lula took office, but has been only growing.

Visit the website of Sensus Insitute for more details.

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