Friday, June 17, 2005


José Dirceu leaves government

Chief of Staff José Dirceu left the government yesterday.
President Lula didn´t ask him to leave, but didn´t ask him to stay either.

Dirceu was, along with Finance Minister Antonio Palocci, the strongest Minister of Lula´s government.
Dirceu is also (differently from Palocci) a strong leader of the Worker´s Party.

Dirceu said that he is leaving to as to have more freedom to defend himself, the Government and the Party.
The troubles of Dirceu started in February 2004, when Waldomiro Diniz, Dirceu´s advisor, was caught involved in acts of corruption.
More recently, with the explosion of cases of corruption in Federal corporations, the name of Dirceu gained the headlines again. As chief of staff, Dirceu was the person who appointed persons to hold key positions in all State companies and all State bodies.

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