Monday, May 30, 2005


Weekly magazines

faith is healtyIsto É #1859 coverpage is: "Faith is healthy".
"Whichever the religion, doctors and scientists admit that spiritual practices help prevent and heal several diseases like hypertension, depression and even cancer".

Época #367 brings the results of a survey showing the profile of the Brazilian today. Based on a few other regional surveys, this work comments on the habits of Brazilians, regarding work, leiseure, love and sex, etc.

the Bomb ManThe cover of Veja #1907 reads "The Bomb Man".
That is a reference to Roberto Jefferson, Federal Deputy, suspicious of being involved with a network of corruption inside the Federal government.
Veja brings new charges against Jefferson; besides the Post Office, Jefferson would have people acting illegaly in the Brazilian Re-Insurance Institute.
Veja also suggests that not only the PTB, Party of Jefferson, but also the very Worker´s Party (Party of the President Lula) would be involved with corruption. The name Bomb Man is a reference to the destructive power that Jefferson (and whatever he knows about corruption inside the government) can have against Lula.

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