Monday, May 23, 2005


Weekly magazines

corruption in BrazilThe cover of Veja issue 1906 brings the image of a rat and the word "Corrupts".

corruptionEpoca, which is turning five years old this week, also brings the word "Corruption".

Both Epoca and Veja talk about the cases of corruption which gained the headlines the past week: the Post Office affair, the Rondonia affair, and the operation of Federal Police which arrested several people (including Mayors) in the State of Alagoas, charged of stealing money which should go to schools and health centers.

Church corruptionIsto E 1858 published a denounce against the Igreja Universal do Reino de Deus (Universal Church of the Reign of God). This is the largest and fastest growing Evangelic Church in Brazil; they have affiliates in many countries (including USA); it was founded and is led so far by Edir Macedo. Their believers elected a few Representatives in the Chamber of Deputies and in the Senate.
Isto E published documents showing that Marcelo Crivella, priest of the Church, nephew of Macedo┬┤s, Senator for the State of Rio de Janeiro, conducted several irregular operations involving the funds of the Church.
The money collected from donations would have been sent illegally to the Cayman Islands, and would have returned illegally for the purchase of TV Record, one of the many broadcasting companies which belong to the Church.

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