Friday, May 27, 2005


Ronaldo wants vacation

Ronaldo, from Real Madrid, was summoned to defend the Brazilian team at the Confederation Cup, to be played in Germany this coming August.
Because this is an official tournament, endorsed by FIFA, the Brazilian Confederation CBF decided to bring its full force to Germany; only Cafu and Roberto Carlos (rumours say that because of their ages) were released.
This tournament will happen during the vacation period of the European season; Ronaldo says that he has been a long time without vacation, and would like to take a rest this year.
Wanderley Luxemburgo, coach of Real Madrid, and Roberto Carlos, his team fellow, support Ronaldo; read here.

The problem is that the Brazilian Confederation takes this tournament much more seriously than the players. Not only Brazil never won this Cup, but also never had a more than mediocre participation; hence, the interest of the Brazilian Confederation in a good performance this year.
On the other hand, the players want to save themselves for the World Cup 2006, which will happen just one year from now. The Confederation Cup doesn´t bring enough projection for already famous players.

Americo Farias, a director of CBF, openly threatened Ronaldo, saying that "players who want to defend Brazil in a World Cup must be available to defend the team at anytime".

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