Thursday, May 12, 2005


Ronaldo and Cicarelli break up

The PR staff of both parties declared: Ronaldo and Daniela Cicarelli are no longer a couple.
They met in June of last year. They got married in February. Daniela got pregnant, but suffered spontaneous abortion two weeks ago.

From the start, the affair generated several rumors. Cicarelli prevented Ronaldo from meeting old friends. Close relatives of Ronaldo´s were not invited to the wedding, by imposition of Cicarelli. According to this report, Ronaldo was upset because Daniela met ex-boyfriends in a party, and also because "Daniela was talking too much about money". MireiaOther rumors say that Ronaldo would be seeing Spanish model Mireia Canalda (photo).
After the marriage, Ronaldo remained in Madri, and Cicarelli in São Paulo, where she presents a program at the local MTV. They would meet only when their busy schedules permited. Daniela was alone when she suffered the abortion.

Rumors now talk about what Daniella will get out of the marriage.
It´s known that a pre-nupcial contract was signed.
Some rumors go that, according to the contract, Daniela will have only one (large) apartment.
Other rumors say that Daniela will have Euros 4.5 million.

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