Thursday, May 26, 2005


Probing Comission was created

Yesterday, the President of the Congress declared to be created a Probing Comission to investigate corruption in the Postal Service company.
The Comission will be composed by Senators and Deputies; in Portuguese, the Comission is called Comissão Parlamentar Mista de Inquérito.
The Government tried hard to prevent the Comission; all the newspapers yesterday mentioned the efforts of Ministers to persuade Deputies and Senators to remove their signatures from the document that supports the CPI; however, many members of Worker´s Party and other ally parties maintained their support.

The Government still sees conspiratory theories behind the Comission.
Now, the Government will use other tactics to slow down investigation. First, they will use all the thirty days allowed by law to appoint the representatives in the Comission; then, by carefully choosing representatives who are experienced and who faithful to the government, the hope is that the investigations will not so deep and wide as to cause scandals.

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