Friday, May 13, 2005


President of Central Bank to be prosecuted

Last year, some of the major Brazilian magazines found evidences that the President of Central Bank, Henrique Meirelles, would have commited two crimes: sending money from Brazil to USA via illegal channels; giving false statements to the Electoral Justice and to the Brazilian IRS, so as to, at the same time, run for the Chamber of Deputies (to which he was elected, but had to resign to take office at the Central Bank) and not to pay taxes in Brazil.
Late last year, President Lula issued a Provisional Measure, giving to the President of Central Bank the status of a Minister. As such, Meirelles could only be prosecuted by the Supreme Court, and not by the first entry of Justice. The opposition disputed the Measure, but the Supreme Court declared it to be constitutional.
As soon as the Measure was issued, the Attorney General (the only competent party in such cases) required the prosecution of Meirelles. Yesterday, the Supreme Court agreed with the prosecution; the Court authorized the breaking of fiscal and banking secrecy of Meirelles.
The opposition asks for Meirelles demotion or resignation, at least while investigation lasts. President Lula says he won´t dismiss Meirelles, and Meirelles says he won´t resign.

The report by o Globo on this subject is here:
President of Central Bank of Brazil to be prosecuted

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