Saturday, May 14, 2005


Garotinho is condemned for electoral crime

The couple Rosinha Garotinha (governor of State of Rio de Janeiro) and her husband Anthony Garotinho (ex-governor of the same State) were condemned yesterday by Judge Denise Appolinária for having commited electoral crimes.
In the elections for Mayor last year, the Garotinhos were giving support to the candidate of their Party, PMDB, to the government of the city of Campos (this is the city where Garotinho gained political projection, and winning here was a matter of honour to him).
According to the Judge, Garotinho used public resources to try to gain votes for his candidate (which, in the end, was not elected). Garotinho gave away food baskets, school kits, citizen-checks (a welfare assistance aid regulated by law); moreover, they promised to sell houses for R$1, to potential electors; furthermore, about R$ 318.000 (over US$ 100,000) in cash were found at the headquarters of the Party, which should be used to pay for votes.
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The Garotinhos are going to appeal. If the sentence of the Judge is connfirmed by a Superior Tribunal, they will be forbidden to run for any political position until 2007.
Anthony Garotinho is an important potential candidate to Presidency in 2006. Besides having his wife as governor of Rio, Garotinho is a leader among the Evangelists in Brazil. Recent surveys have shown that Garotinho may be the difference between Lula winning or not a re-election for Presidency.

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