Monday, May 16, 2005


Cover of weekly magazines

Época brings an article about the affair Ronaldo and Cicarelli.

The cover of IstoÉ reads: "Forget about aging". Inside, a report about new products and therapys which promise to rejuvenate men and women up to ten years.

The cover of Veja brings a photo of a famous Brazilian actor, Raul Cortez, who fought and won a battle against cancer. The report mentions the progress of science in the battle against the disease, showing several cases where the number of cured patients increased.
However, the most important report of Veja is not on the cover: Veja obtained recorded video-tapes which shows a Director of the Brazilian Post Service blatantly accepting bribing and talking about corruption.
As it happens with most State owned companies, the Board of Directors is appointed by the President of Republic, by indication of political parties; in this case, the Director was indicated by the PTB (Partido Trabalhista Brasileiro).
The Director was recorded putting R$3,000.00 cash into is pocket. He went on to say that this money would go to the Party; that the President of the Party and all other dignitaries were aware of the "contribution"; that all other people indicated by the Party to other state-companies would do the same.
The bribe was being paid because a company wanted to become a seller of services to the Correios; Brazil has a strict legislation regarding government contracts, but the Director said that corruption could make things easier. The tape was recorded by this same company, which setup a sting to denounce the corruption.
Full report at Veja issue #1905, May 18th 2005.

Amendment: the opposition is calling for a Probing Comission.

The government say, just like in the Waldomiro Diniz affair, that all necessary measures were taken (investigation by the Internal Affairs Comission, Federal Police and Public Prosecution), and a Probing Comission by the Senate or by the Chamber of Deputies is not needed.
Roberto Jefferson, President of PTB, presented his defense at the Tribune of the Parliament.
According to him, the man who accepted the bribe did so all by himself. His name (Jefferson´s) would have only been used so as to give more credibility.
Jefferson added that he had been contacted by the people who recorded the tape; these people would have interested in contracting with the Correios, and wanted Jefferson´s help.
Jefferson said he refused any cooperation with those people, and that would have caused this people to retaliate.

Jefferson said that he is ready to sign in for any Probing Comission.
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