Monday, May 09, 2005


Cover of weekly magazines

The cover of Veja is a report about "Life after Death"; the Espiritism is growing in Brazil, and a few personalities are mentioned as believers of this religion. Veja brings also an article about a survey made by order of the President of the Supreme Court, Nelson Jobim which should be the most complete portray of the Judiciary System in Brazil; according to Jobim, the survey should put apart the cases where inefficiency is due to lack of resources, and where it is due to a bad management.

Época brings a potential scandal in the cover; the headline is "Laws for Sale in Brazil". The case: Fiat, the Italian based car maker, was owing several hundred millions to the Brazilian Revenue Service (Receita Federal); Fiat lost all appeals, in administrative and Judiciary courts. Then, according to Época, Fiat hired lawyers with connections inside the Receita, and these lawyers and connections managed to come up with a Provisional Measure which would provide amnesty to debtors in the Fiat´s situation. With this, Fiat saved R$ 643 million; the report says that the lawyers and the then sub-chief of Receita were paid R$ 12.8 million. Read the Época´s article: Laws for Sale in Brazil.

Isto É main article talks about how to be a competitive profissional in today´s corporative life.

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